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Latest update: 2011-02-27

Occurrence of breathing problems induced by cold climate in asthmatics--a questionnaire survey

Authors: Millqvist E, Bengtsson U, Bake B

Journal: Eur J Respir Dis. 1987 Nov;71(5):444-9

To obtain information on the extent and severity of asthmatic symptoms during daily life in winter, a simple questionnaire was sent to 57 asthmatic patients and a control group of 180 age-matched men and women in Göteborg. The average winter temperature there is about freezing point. About two-thirds of the asthmatic patients reported cold to be a factor causing breathing difficulties. In 37%, these symptoms made the patients avoid going out during the winter. Cold, damp air was reported by the asthmatic patients to cause more symptoms than cold, dry air. The control group reported very few respiratory symptoms.

PMID: 3443165 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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