Sensory Hyperreactivity and Chemical Sensitivity, Tilia
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Latest update: 2011-02-27

Research abstracts

Abstract 1 – 1987
Occurrence of breathing problems induced by cold climate in asthmatics - a questionnaire survey

Abstract 2 - 1995
Prevention of asthma induced by cold air by cellulose-fabric face mask

Abstract 3 - 1995
A breathing filter exchanging heat and moisture prevents asthma induced by cold air

Abstract 4 - 1996
Placebo-controlled challenges with perfume in patients with asthma-like symptoms

Abstract 5 - 1998
Methacholine provocations do not reveal sensitivity to strong scents

Abstract 6 - 1998
Sensory hyperreactivity - a possible mechanism underlying cough and asthma-like symptoms

Abstract 7 - 1999
Provocations with perfume in the eyes induce airway symptoms in patients with sensory hyperreactivity

Abstract 8 - 2000
Quality of life and capsaicin sensitivity in patients with sensory airway hyperreactivity

Abstract 9 - 2000
Cough provocation with capsaicin is an objective way to test sensory hyperreactivity in patients with asthma-like symptoms

Abstract 10 - 2000
Effect of nasal air temperature on FEV1 and specific airways conductance

Abstract 11 - 2000
Nasobronchial relationship after cold air provocation

Abstract 12 - 2000
Combining a Beta2-agonist with a facemask to prevent exercise-induced bronchoconstriction

Abstract 13 - 2001
Capsaicin cough sensitivity is decreased in smokers

Abstract 14 - 2001
Relationship between subjective nasal stuffiness and nasal patency measured by acoustic rhinometry

Abstract 15 - 2002
Sensitivity to methacholine and capsaicin in patients with unclear respiratory symptoms

Abstract 16 - 2002
Capsaicin inhalation test for identification of sensory hyperreactivity

Abstract 17 - 2002
Capsaicin cough sensitivity in allergic asthmatic patients increases during the birch pollen season

Abstract 18 - 2002
Increased capsaicin cough sensitivity in patients with multiple chemical sensitivity

Abstract 19 - 2003
The Chemical Sensitivity Scale: Psychometric properties and comparison with the noise sensitivity scale

Abstract 20 - 2004
Normative data for the chemical sensitivity scale

Abstract 21 - 2004
Relationship of airway symptoms from chemicals to capsaicin cough sensitivity in atopic subjects

Abstract 22 - 2004
A short Chemical Sensitivity Scale for assessment of airway sensory hyperreactivity

Abstract 23 - 2005
Chemosensory perception and event-related potentials in self-reported chemical hypersensitivity

Abstract 24 - 2005
Changes in Levels of Nerve Growth Factor in Nasal Secretions after Capsaicin Inhalation in Patients with Airway Symptoms from Scents and Chemicals

Abstract 25 - 2005
Prevalence and risk factors for self-reported odour intolerance: the Skovde population-based study

Abstract 26 - 2005
Inhalation method determines outcome of capsaicin inhalation in patients with chronic cough due to sensory hyperreactivity

Abstract 27 - 2006
Relationship between self-reported odor intolerance and sensitivity to inhaled capsaicin: proposed definition of airway sensory hyperreactivity and estimation of its prevalence

Abstract 28 - 2006
Role of the upper airways in patients with chronic cough

Abstract 29 - 2006
Prevalence of upper and lower airway symptoms: the Skovde population-based study

Abstract 30 – 2007
Quality of life and capsaicin sensitivity in patients with airway symptoms induced by chemicals and scents: a longitudinal study

Abstract 31 – 2008
Mechanisms of increased airway sensitivity to occupational chemicals and odors

Abstract 32 – 2008
Prevalence and risk factors for chemical sensitivity and sensory hyperreactivity in teenagers

Abstract 33 – 2008
Inhaled ethanol potentiates the cough response to capsaicin in patients with airway sensory hyperreactivity

Abstract 34 – 2008
Capsaicin provocation using two different inhalation devices

Abstract 35 – 2008
Dyspnea from exercise in cold air is not always asthma

Abstract 36 – 2009
On the relation between capsaicin sensitivity and responsiveness to CO2: detection sensitivity and event-related brain potentials

Abstract 37 – 2009
Attention bias and sensitization in chemical sensitivity

Abstract 38 – 2009
The idiopathic environmental intolerance symptom inventory: development, evaluation, and application

Abstract 39 – 2009
Down-regulation of cough sensitivity after eucapnic dry air provocation in chronic idiopathic cough

Abstract 40 – 2010
Relationship of airway sensory hyperreactivity to asthma and psychiatric morbidity